In The Woods

Hey, everyone! I haven’t been active here for a long time but today I was suddenly inspired to write something and post it here. So here it is! My love for the supernatural is no big a secret and this one here is just something like that. I hope you like it!







Far, far into the deep he walks alone

Every bird, every leaf sighing in silence

A gust of wind that caresses his face.

His heart pounding, sweat dripping

He moves on through the misty woods.

A sight awaits him, a strange one

A flight of stairs that lead to heaven and beyond.

One touch and he’s taken over,

A swirling fog and him in the midst.

Touches, soft ones, of fingers like petals

Brushes, gentle ones, of lips of feather

Little nips of teeth, sharp ones, on his skin.

Ecstasy courses through his veins

Blood gushes faster as he cries out

In joy at first, but pain eventually

And terror takes over,

For the touches of love

Treacherous they have turned,

Revealing creatures diabolic,

Feasting on his life force.


I’d appreciate your thoughts on this very much! 

When I Met Her

Hey, guys. It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything but here you go.

Life had been different each day after I learnt of my best friend’s death. He had been murdered, I was sure, yet no one seemed to agree. Not even the police. So I took it up on myself to solve the crime. This isn’t a story about how I solved the mystery, no. This is about how I found her.

It was just me all along, trying to solve this case. But along the way, I knew someone was following me around, watching my every move. Sometimes I heard whispered words of encouragement from the heavens but now I know, it was her all along.

I remember the day I heard her for the first time.

“You can’t give up now! You’ve come so far already. Bring this to an end.”, a voice whispered. To me they felt like an angel’s words. I looked up and around to find no one.

And then as days progressed, I heard the same voice say,”Don’t do it. Don’t do it!” Interestingly, I could never bring myself to listen to her but each time I didn’t, I found trouble. It was like she seemed to know what would happen to me in the future. This was confirmed when I heard her say,” You’ll find your killer. In the end, you will. And you don’t die either. Thank God.”

How  did she even know that?! I just couldn’t understand. But she turned out to be right. I found out who murdered my best friend and I didn’t die doing that either. But soon, everything turned black. Darkness enveloped me and I saw and heard nothing.

After what seemed like years, I was released from my gloomy prison. Light entered my world and I could see again, feel and think again. But, it was all the same. Everything I did seemed like deja vu. Only, it wasn’t; I was living each day of the past once more. In the exact same way. Everything.

This is the part of life I hate now. The monotony. I was powerless to do anything but what I had always done. Nothing ever changed. I heard her too, occasionally. It was all that kept me going.

The greatest mystery of my life had yet to be solved until one day, I heard her whisper my name, “Jasper, oh Jasper. I wish you were real. I’ve fallen in love with another one. Again.”, before she started sobbing.

Just like that, my world plunged into that dreadful darkness again as each puzzle piece fell into place and I realised that I was just a fictional character from a book.

Lonely, in the Dark

Hello. It’s been a while but here’s a new poem.

I am here, standing
And a glance behind reveals all-
I am alone, nobody here to flank me.
My eyes turn ahead and I see it,
Approaching me – my destiny,
My war and mine alone, so I’ve learnt.
I look around me for guidance.
I plead silently for assurance
But I hear nothing except
My lonely pounding heart.
Why do I not search within me,
For the assurances, the help I seek,
I have wondered, plenty.
But now at last I know the reason;
It’s because the light inside
Is so broken, it refuses to even flicker.

When It Strikes Me

Sometimes it just hits me,
How life is so different
Than I ever thought it would be,
How much I’ve changed.
Those moments,
They leave me breathless,
And at other times,
They have me sucking in a deep breath.
It has me brace myself,
As the enormity of the moment
Strikes me out of nowhere.
I look around me and see
How I’m no longer in my comfort zone.
Yet I’ve found comfort
Among this wilderness called life.
In the end, I realise that
What matters is that I survived.

P.S- I can’t believe it’s been a year already. 😀

At The River Bank

Hello everyone. It’s a been a long time since I’ve written anything. But here’s something I wrote right now. Hope you like it!

She stood draped by the darkness,
At the banks of the roaring river,
Her hair wild, free and open
With her back to me.
I watched her inch closer,
Walk on ahead in a trance,
Her face a mask of calmness.
But I felt it, the tremble in her heart,
Saw the quiver of her fingers
And the slightest of the falters in her steps.
Waist deep in, the water caressed her,
Trying to soothe that endless pain.
Neck deep in now and with bent knees,
She disappears, the water claiming her as its own.
But now I see her better
Her brightness lighting up my vision,
It was time, I felt it then.
I walk in after her now and gently clasp her hand,
Leading her out, to my awaiting carriage.
Her warm soul embraces me, thawing my cold heart.
She was mine now, for eternity
As morning would find her floating body –
The simple aftermath
Of the visit paid by Death himself.

Please do let me know what you think!


Far beyond, across the seas,
The yachts go up and down
Her waves hit the shore
In white frothy bliss.
Stars strewn across
The night orange sky
Street lights shimmer in the dark
Truly like a Queen’s Necklace, it is.
As cars zoom past the roads
And lazy dogs stray across the footpath
The occasional tourists are spotted
Clicking away for fond memories.
It’s this that I’ve fallen in love with!
The fast paced yet languid strollers
The rush of the crowd
As they push their way into the local trains.
Life moves on quickly
It’s the city of dreams, after all.
Many are broken while many are made
This is Mumbai meri jaan!


It’s just an idea that popped into my head. I don’t know how it has turned out. But do let me know please!

She was sick and tired,
Many a help she hired
But could write not one word
As much as her heart yearned.

She screamed out, “Inspire me!”
To the world, angry
She cried, “Make me feel,
So that I can write to heal.”

And then he came along,
Helping her get back on her feet, before long.
She didn’t need to write anymore
He had become her cure.

Soon that wasn’t enough
She needn’t something more tough.
She needed another inspiration
He promised he would give her one, in admiration.

But one moment was all it took
For her, as her world shook.
She now always came home late
With the food gone cold in the plate.

That night, she came in to see
Her husband she’d cheated on for a week,
Hanging from the ceiling, waiting for a cremation,
With a note on the floor that said, “Was that enough inspiration?”

Second Chances

I hated my ex-boyfriend. Yeah, I know there’s nothing so original about that statement, but it was the truth. I completely hated his guts. Now, you will want to know why I hated him.
The answer to this question depended on the asker. If you were someone close to me, I’d tell you that it was because my ex-boyfriend is an uncaring, insensitive jerk. If you were someone I didn’t know, I’d ask you to mind your own business. But whatever happened, the real reason was something I refused to completely admit even to myself and that was that he was happy without me in his life and here I was, filled with bitterness.

He had clearly moved on without any hindrance while I was still stuck in the memories and pain of being without him. So yes, I hated him because he had learnt to live without me while I still needed him. Pathetic, isn’t it? I didn’t care though.

Now, as much as I proclaimed to hate him, I doubt I could actually hate him. I know now, that it was not him but my need for him that I hated, that had annoyed me. This was pretty much why I could simply not help but stalk him. Yes, I took up stalking him on social media quite seriously.

But that morning, I took a step ahead in my stalking career. I stalked him in person on the crowded streets of London. I’ll tell you how this happened.

I was in a restaurant having breakfast all by myself, when I saw that sight. It was him and he wasn’t alone, no. There was a girl with him. That was enough for the green monster to rear its head and declare war over my common sense.

Now, you might think that I was the one who was dumped for obvious reasons. But that’s the thing, I wasn’t the one who was dumped. Instead, I had dumped him. Why? Simple. I was scared.

I was scared of how important he had become to me all too soon. I was scared that he had so much power over me and my feelings- he could hurt me with just so much as a word. It was terrifying for someone with issues like mine.

You see, my parents never loved each other. All I had seen through my childhood was their numerous quarrels that ended up in my mom crumpled and lying in a bloodied heap on the floor and my dad drunk and unconscious next to her. So yes, I was scared of commitment. I didn’t believe in love. But he had changed all of that for me. Inspite of that, I had run away when I found it too hard to bear like I had done at the age of sixteen, from my home.

So now, here I was, lonely and single and pathetic. I couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror. I knew all I would see was shame. Yet, I couldn’t not stalk my ex. He gave me a purpose to live for even when he was not a part of my life anymore.

So that morning, I decided to follow him. I saw him get a cab and did the same, shadowing him with expertise that would put detectives to shame. Not really, though.
On many occasions I was sure he would catch me but luckily he didn’t.

Soon, we were nearing his apartment complex and memories flooded into my mind of carefree times spent with him there. I was happy then and I wanted all of it back. That thought had me stop in my tracks. Until then I had been too stubborn to admit that to myself. But now I knew, that I yearned for him. I was still in love with him after all.

Lost in thoughts, I forgot for a moment that I was stalking my ex. I looked up to find that they were nowhere ahead. That’s when it struck me, that I was wasting my life away for something of the past.

I trudged to the nearby park, found a bench and parked my bottom on it for some much needed introspection.

“Where had I gone wrong? How do I make it right? I’m sick of living like this! I need to move on.”, and so my thoughts ran.

So lost I was that I didn’t sense it when someone sat down next to me until they spoke to me.

“You know stalking is an offence right?”, I heard that familiar voice say.

I looked up in bewilderment. He had caught me, in the end.
“I-I I am so s-s-sorry. I-I don’t know why… I just… I’m so sorry!”, I said. Then to my utter embarrassment I burst into big fat tears. Way to go, right? My ex being the great person that he was, consoled me.

It would have been a perfect ending to the story if I could say that we forgot the past and got together again and then lived happily ever after. But that’s not how life works. That day, we talked about everything. Our mistakes, our relationship, things we should have spoken about a long time ago. That morning, I didn’t get him back as my boyfriend but I did get a friend. I learnt that he had moved on eventually but in the beginning he had been completely devastated. Later he got his life back on track. Now, he was happy in his life with his current girlfriend and I had no right to envy that. I was heartbroken to learn that, yes, but he deserved to be happy after all.

I still love him to this day, but I lost my chance just because I was scared. Maybe in the future, he might decide to trust me again and give me a second chance. But i knew that would never happen. Second chances did not always, appear in life, you know? Or maybe I’d find somebody else with whom I won’t let my fears overtake my senses. Either way I was adamant on getting my life back to form.

The future was yet to be decided and I was determined to make it right this time because mistakes of the past would help me better my future, right? I hope so.


I followed her everywhere
I followed her wherever she went
I followed her footprints in the sand
I followed her long billowing hair
And I’d follow her to the end of the world.
But then, in the end,
She left me all alone and broken
Held hostage by her thoughts
But also, by those surly men I see, outside my cell.
She branded me a stalker, after all,
Because following her was my passion
But to her and others it was a crime!


New friends, online
Far apart from each other
Yet so nearby.
You chat everyday
Share details, wary at first
Strangers after all.
Time sees the friendship bloom
Never have met, yet feel so close.
But then life changes,
Pulls you in directions opposite
Now chatting everyday
Seems like a luxury.
That’s okay, you think
We’re busy with everything.
You say you’ll understand.
But really, do you?
You wait and wait for that message
It never comes.
Months go by
And you decide to take the first step.
Message sent, double tick.
You wait with anticipation.
One day, two days, three days, no reply.
Must be busy, you tell yourself,
Be the bigger person, not clingy!
Four days, blue ticks at last!
But five days, six days, no reply yet.
Ignoring you, okay.
What went wrong, you wonder.
‘Are you that boring to be around?
That desperate?’, You think.
Oh you are, you feel, desperate and insecure.
Ugh, why?
Waiting and waiting,
Nothing happens.
Delete, delete, delete,
Every last item of significance.
Friendship broken,
Pride intact.
Year later,
The same time again
Onslaught of memories come your way.
And you wonder how,
Friends then, strangers now!